Escape Room Louisiana presents Cookies with Santa!

Your children will get to watch Santa and Mrs. Clause make Santa's favorite chocolate chip cookies. They will lead the children, step by step in adding the ingredients, mixing them up, and then baking them. They can make cookies for Santa's visit, all from your own kitchen.

When you make your booking, we will send you a shopping list that you can use to buy the ingredients with your children in the supermarket.

When your personalized video arrives, it is a good idea to use the recipe to get the ingredients ready ahead of time. That way, when you watch the video with the children, you don't have to measure everything out. They can just mix and bake.

It was Santa's idea to include the cookie recipe - so you might be able to leave some out for him on Christmas Eve!

You will see Santa come down the chimney to join Jolly and Mrs Claus where they will show your family how to make delicious cookies.
Santa will also have a personalized message for the children watching. Baking cookies allows your child or children to participate safely in activities this holiday season.

Once your video is ready, you will be able to download it and watch it as many times as you want!

Cook Along with Mrs. Claus

Cook Along with Mrs. Claus

Set up your tablet or laptop in the kitchen and Mrs. Claus will guide you and your children through this easy to follow recipe & video for some great Christmas fun for the whole family.
Each video will include a personalized section based on the information which you will provide when booking.

Your Cookies with Santa Video includes:

•A pre-recorded video which has a personal message for your children.
•Each video will have a short personalized section based on the information you provide at booking.
•The recipe is very simple - we suggest pre-measuring the ingredients so you will be all ready to work along with Mrs Claus, but of course you can pause the video at any time if you need a little more time to catch up.
•The video will be approximately 15 minutes long and is ready for children to follow along in the kitchen.